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Over the past decade, oral fluid has become an increasingly popular alternative or additional matrix for use in forensic drug testing.  This is due to its easy, non-invasive, observed collection.  Here we outline the requirements necessary to implement a saliva testing program in any drug testing laboratory, and provide information on oral fluid as a forensic testing matrix.



Advantages of Oral Fluid:
•  Simple, rapid, observable, non-invasive collection
•  Provides evidence of “Under the Influence”
•  Parent drug and metabolites may be detected
•  Detection window up to 3 days
•  Adulteration difficult
•  No special collection facilities required


Key Components of Oral Fluid Testing:
1.  Collection device
2.  Volume adequacy
3.  Recovery from the pad
4.  Immunoassay screen and automation
5.  Instrumentation for confirmatory procedures
6.  Validity of results and drug test profiles
7.  Interpretation of the results