The Quantisal™ collection device is widely used for oral fluid drug testing, combining unique scientific advantages with the efficiency of a simple, convenient specimen collection. With Quantisal, samples can be collected anytime, anywhere. No restrooms are needed, gender issues are eliminated and the possibility of tampering and adulteration are significantly reduced because the specimen collection process is directly observed.

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Key Advantages: Specimen Volume: Quantisal has a unique volume adequacy indicator that ensures enough specimen for screening, confirmation and repeat testing. When the tip of the Quantisal collection wand turns blue 1 mL (+/-10%) of oral fluid has been collected. This avoids the possibility of not enough specimen for testing or “Quantity Not Sufficient” (QNS) results.

No Artificial Stimulants: Quantisal does not use artificial stimulants to increase saliva production. One study showed that oral fluid drug levels were 3.6 times HIGHER in specimens that were not stimulated compared to those collected after acid stimulation.

Drug Recovery: The amount of drug recovered from the Quantisal collection device provides confidence that even low levels of drug are detected. For most drugs, especially Marijuana (THC) , the amount of drug recovered from Quantisal is significantly higher than in other devices.


Stability: The buffer from the transport tube stabilizes the specimen once it has been collected. Research shows that most drugs are very stable in oral fluid with the exception of Marijuana (THC). THC may degrade rapidly in oral fluid in uncontrolled temperatures. The stability of THC in Quantisal at room temperature, refrigerated and frozen is far superior to other devices.

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