Alcohol Testing

• High-throughput assay design
• Suitable for use with blood, urine, or saliva matrices
• Excellent correlation with gold-standard headspace GC testing
• Cost-effective

Endpoint / Microplate

Item Description Catalog Number Kit Volume or Quantity
Enzymatic Blood Ethyl Alcohol 501-0500 500 mL
Enzymatic Oral Fluid Ethyl Alcohol 502-0500 500 mL
Blank 96 Well Microplates MP-101 25 plates


Auto Analyzer

Item Description Catalog Number Kit Volume
Enzymatic Oral Fluid Homogeneous Alcohol 503-0100 100 mL


The Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT) and American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) guidelines recommend that the initial detection of drugs or toxins be confirmed by a second technology based on a different chemical principle. With the Immunalysis enzymatic alcohol, a preliminary screening method can be implemented prior to headspace gas chromatography in com-pliance with the guidelines. With a test designed to work on existing laboratory analyzers, no capital expenditure may be required.